Sunday, January 15, 2006

New year resolutions

First of all, here is wishing you all a very happy new year. Pretty sure, everybody you met has said that to you, so, here is an attempt to being bit more specific:
  • May the price of your stocks skyrocket!
  • May you get the salary hike and promotion you've been waiting for!!
  • May you get the success (however you define and measure it) you deserve!!!
And while we are at it, how is that new year resolution going along? Don't you love them? What's a new year without some resolutions, so here is couple of mine:
  • 100 hours of running
  • 25 books
I read somewhere about a 'health bank'. What it means is that taking care of your health is akin to saving money. The more deposits you make, more wealth you have when you need it. So this year I've decided to make 100 deposits in running-hour-denomination.

I plan to read about 25 books that will hopefully teach me something new about various aspects of life in general. I have a pretty catholic taste to I'm going to read anything that I find interesting. BTW, this number does not include the books related to professional development or home improvement or such, which I've to do anyways. It would be my way of relaxing, I guess.

Reasonably challenging goals but I hope to achieve them. I will keep you posted on the progress on a quarterly basis (at least).

Progress so far:
  • Running: 1 hour
  • Books: 0
(Hey, I'm working on the second one. Currently reading: At First Sight By Nicholas Sparks)

Here is to a new beginning!


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